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What to do when Dodo Internet Not Working

Internet is an important tool to carry out any and every type of work. For a professional or a business owner, it is the foremost requirement to have an internet connection of smooth functioning. Dodo internet has all the services and perks that anyone wants. It is reliable, functional and always responsive.

However, it is still a technology and there may be times when it can go slow or down. So, if you find troubles while connecting to the internet, you can try some simple steps in order to fix the problem:

  • In case you have recently changed your house or you have newly bought the service please make sure that you have got a notification via SMS informing you that your service is active now.
  • You should have a dial tone and the line should not have any noise. If you carry a phone, try connecting it to a socket and confirm that there is a clear dial tone. If you come across no dial tone or noisy phone line, you will have to fix that first to have your internet working properly.
  • Try power cycling your modem. Switching off your modem for a minute or two will allow it to refresh and reconnect to the internet.
  • See to the lights of your device namely Power, ADSL/WAN (Sync) and Internet (Auth). You can go to Go Hub 2 or TP-Link to check them. There are different approaches for different results like no lights, only power, power and sync, all the lights.
  • Try isolating the device to make sure that the other devices sharing the phone line are not the cause for problem. Check for the lights again.
  • Go for a different cable. Maybe your old cable is the problem so buy a new one and it should be shorter than 3 meters.

In case, you need any sort of help in dealing with the above mentioned issue, you can reach to us by dialing our Dodo Support Number 1-800-789-560. We are available via chat and call 24/7. The team is experienced enough to provide you with the remote assistance too.

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