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Unable to Receive Emails in Dodo?

Send or receive mails are two main and equal part of any webmail in the online platform. Sending emails is very important for the healthy business and as well as receiving mails also a good sign of proper communication. How it feels if a user is able to send an email but could not able to receive mails on the system or device? What are the steps they should take for the proper functioning of the Dodo account?

A team of Dodo Customer Support is ready to help the user if they are unable to receive the mails in their Dodo Account. Just wait for the blog to end and then user will able to understand the steps they have to be taken.

Follow these steps to check the webmail is able to receive mails:

  • Customer should check the incoming mail server settings. The name of incoming server, username, password and port are mentioned properly in the account.
  • In the past days, modems are present in the external form but with the technical world dial-up Modems are found inside the laptop or computer device.
  • Customer should check the firewall setting. Sometimes, a security or antivirus could not allow receiving emails on the device which create issues further.
  • Check the internet connection is most important for the receiving of emails to device.
  • Test from the webmail is another option for getting good news about the email server. Customer can login into the dodo account and from that account they can send the email to the desired one address.

Perform these above mentioned tasks for the proper functioning of Dodo account and be able to receive the mails on the account. If customer is still could not get the emails, then it is really a thing to be concerned about. Customer can get the help of a team by dialing Dodo Customer Support Number 1-800-789-560 and resolve the issues within a short time period. Never feel any hesitation in dialing the number as a team is ready to resolve the obstacle form the way and let the user enjoy the online services.

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