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How to Retrieve Password for Dodo?

Forgetting password or username for webmail can be a big problem because all your confidential information is stored in email accounts. In case you are unable to remember the username or password of Dodo Webmail service, you can get it through sms on your mobile phone. Customer support will send it.

If you need any guidance for the same, you can reach for help by dialing Dodo Customer Support Number 1-800-789-560. The team will help you to retrieve your important information.

Following are the steps for password or username recovery of Dodo Webmail service:

  • Go to the Dodo self-service page.
  • Write the contact number or service number in the empty box for the account for which you wish to retrieve the login details.
  • Your username is unique login name and if you have multiple accounts, each of them will have different usernames.
  • Home phone, mobile or wireless broadband service number is your account service number.
  • You have to give the contact number that you have listed on your account and are primarily associated with the webmail.

You can activate or configure the webmail by going to the email address section at the Dodo account management page. You can visit the login page and login with your primary username and password. You can see the overview of your accounts on the main screen. You can modify specific mail account settings simply by clicking on the settings link.

For further details, you can contact for help by dialing Dodo Support Number 1-800-789-560. The experienced officials will help you follow the above given steps to retrieve your login credentials and to change your email settings. The team is well versed with the issues and respective solutions. You can reach to them for help at any time.

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