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How to Connect Dialup Internet in Dodo?

Have you just switched up to new Dodo? Have you got a new device and now want to connect Dialup internet in Dodo? If yes, this blog is perfect for you as this is providing you whole information. You will get all the guidance to connect Dial-up internet in Dodo.

If you need any help in connecting the same, you can talk to our team via dialling Dodo Helpline Number Australia 1-800-789-560. The experts are here to help you round the clock. You can also talk about the technical glitches you are dealing with.

Follow the below directions for connecting the dial-up in Dodo:

  • First it is very important that you should have a dialup internet connection.
  • In the past days, modems are present in the external form but with the technical world dial-up Modems are found inside the laptop or computer device.
  • If you want to check that there is a dialup modem or not in your device, you should check if there is any phone port or not. If there is a dialup Connection, so it needs to be configure.

Configure your Dial-up Connection, by following the below steps:

  • Just suppose that you are doing a Dial-up Settings and your Dialup Number.
  • For this number, you should add your username and add a strong Password. Make sure that your password would be strong so that no one can access your account.


With the above easy and simple steps, you are able to connect your dialup internet in server. It is very easy as well as a tricky way to connect Dial-up Internet in Dodo. Besides from the above query, if you have any other issue regarding the internet, you can connect to our team of Dodo Support Australia 1-800-789-560 and get help from them. You can also drop an email or connect with us via live chat and we will get back to you with a suitable solution.

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